"The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is laid."
- Martin Luther

Do you desire Christ to encounter you?  When the scriptures are opened to us, God is given the opportunity to speak to us and shape our lives.  The Bible bears Christ to us, and we encounter his good news whenever we read and study the words on the page.  

Anyone is welcome to any of our studies.  Come, find out what we have to offer, and study the Bible with us!


Study Opportunities

Throughout the year, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church offers a number of opportunities to study the scriptures and explore our faith together.  You are invited to be a part of any of them.  Here are some examples of past study opportunities:

Bible Study - Tuesdays at 12:30pm
Book Club and Faith Lives
Evening "Book of Faith" Bible Study
Various Faith Workshops
Wine and Theology Tasting Tours
Facebook Bible Study Group

Bible Study Links

Enter the Bible
A comprehensive look at the entire bible, including the background, cultural context, and author intent of each book of the Bible.

Working Preacher
A look at the biblical texts for upcoming Sundays with commentary to help you understand.

Greek and Hebrew Reader's Edition
A wonderful tool to look at the biblical texts in their original languages with pop-up breakdowns and definitions of each word.


Study the Bible Now

Bible Study In Your Home

You do not need a degree to study the bible.  Follow this simple Bible Study with a group of friends, or use it to reflect and journal.  Either way, you will be shaped by God through the encounter.

Choose any scripture passage or story from the Bible and following these steps:

Before you begin, ask everyone to share their joys and then share their sorrows from the week.

 1. Read any Bible passage/story twice while everyone listens.
2. Ask: “What word or idea pops out at you?”  “Why?”
3. Someone else reads it again.
4. Ask: “Where do you see human nature in this passage?”
5. Someone else reads it again.
6. Ask: “What does this passage say about God and what God cares about?
7. Someone else reads it again.
8. Ask: “What is God trying to say to us in this passage?”

(If it is a story, choose one of the characters, tell everyone to envision they are that character, read the bible story again, and then ask: “What was your experience as that character?”)

You will be surprised at how moving this simple form of bible study can be.  In addition, no one needs to be an expert to lead or participate in the study.

Daily Bible Reading

Take a moment to let God's word encounter you.

Faith Lens Bible Study

Study the intersect of scripture and life.


Take the Time to Explore the Stories of Faith


Need to Look Up Something In the Bible?